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How to Make Lego Movies

Based on an original article by Edwin, spring 2007

Get Started

  1. Have a plot - the main story idea, with plans for the scenes and action.
  2. Make a stage with a Lego base-plate or a table.
  3. Build the characters (mini figures) and other things you'll need for your plot (vehicles, buildings, etc.)


  1. To make your Lego figures appear moving, use a digital camera and take a photo of your Lego figures doing whatever you want them to do.
    Tip: Use a lower resolution on your camera, so your pictures don't take too much memory.
  2. After taking that picture, move the figure a small amount if you want it to move slow, move it more if you want the figure to move fast, and take a picture.
  3. Continue this process until your movie is over.
    Tip: Delete bad pictures on your camera.

Make it Come to Life

legos.pngUse iMovie to bring your pictures to life!

  1. Select all your pictures at the same time. Adjust the picture duration first! ( 0.14 seconds suggested for each photo )
  2. Save!!!
  3. Add more to your movie. ( Consult iMovie manual for more help )

Add Visual Effects

You can use Skitch to add visual effects to your movie.
  1. Use the Photos button to view the photos you've downloaded onto the computer from your camera.
  2. Open the photo in Skitch and draw on the effects you want
  3. Drag the photo back into your folder of images. It will have the same name as the original, plus "-1"
  4. Put that image in order with your other images

Add Sounds

You can get sounds by recording them yourselves, using the built-in microphone on the Mac, or you can download sounds from the web. Make sure you have parent permission before downloading anything at home!
  • Oddcast CTC Music Mixer - mix your own sounds with this online tool. You need to be registered to 'snag' your sounds
  • Partners in Rhyme - free sound effects, but stick to the 'Free Sounds.' 'Free' means free, but 'royalty-free' means you have permission to use it, but you would still have to pay for it.
  • Simply the Best Sounds - more free sounds for private use
Soon, we'll have more information on how to use the sounds you find or make.

I have had fun making Lego movies, and I hope you will, too.