Edison Student Publishers - Editing

Editing is checking your work, correcting mistakes, and doing whatever you can to make your project better!
It's best to get help, feedback and ideas from others when you edit.

Is it clear? | Is it correct? | Is it your best work? | Is it appropriate?
Note: If worrying about spelling and stuff like that gets in the way of just writing, then don't worry! Fix those things later and for now, just let your ideas move out of your head!

Here's what to look for when you edit:

top-button-blk-30.pngIs it clear?

  • Does your writing make sense?
  • Does it sound good if you read it out loud?
  • Are your illustrations clear?
  • Is the text and font easy to read?
  • Is there enough detail for others to make sense of your writing or illustrations?
  • Ask others to look at your work and give you suggestions.

top-button-blk-30.pngIs it correct?

Check your:
  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • paragraphing

top-button-blk-30.pngIs it your best work?

Is there anything you can do to make your writing better? To make your comics clearer or funnier? To add better arguments to an editorial? To make the fonts easier to read or to arrange the graphics in a cleaner way? Do it! It's worth it! Ask others for their opinions, too.

top-button-blk-30.pngIs it appropriate?

Is your project appropriate for the people who will see or read it? Our publication is for K-5 families in the Edison community, so this is the time to think about respect and integrity.

Think about whether your project might scare someone, make someone feel excluded or teased, or go against the Edison community's values of cooperation, compassion, respect, inclusion and integrity. Can you change things a bit without losing your original ideas? Ask for help if you're not sure.

Note: It's okay to publish opinions that you think others might disagree with - as long as you make it clear that you're expressing an opinion, and you do so in a respectful way. That's called an editorial.