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masthead-tor.jpgSeptember 2009

All About 1st Grade

By Youha T. and Andrew B., 
2nd Grade

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Penguin by Andrew B.
If you’re in first grade, you’re going to like it. Sometimes you get to use the computer lab and sometimes you get to use laptops. In first grade, you’ll study about penguins. We watched a movie about penguins, and one of the penguins got eaten by a leopard seal! We even made life size penguins! We studied about butterflies. We hatched them and released them, just like catch and release fishing! We each had our own butterfly. In math, we studied about farms with Richard. He lives a few blocks away from school, and he does magic tricks. (Now he’s teaching a class in Springfield). We got to have our own maps of farms, and put little drawings and paper puppets of animals on it. We went to the coast for a field trip, and saw an octopus attacking a crab. The octopus doesn’t chew it, it makes it 100 degrees and makes all the meat be all squishy and then sucks it out. We made a slide show of the coast trip, and Evan said, “The octopus went to attack the crab!”
And that’s what we do in first grade. Have a great time in first grade with Terry and Laura.

Kidspiration digital images chosen by Youha; Penguin drawn by Andrew

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