Edison Student Publishers - Abixia by Seth

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Story and map by Seth, 4th Grade (Spring 2009)
Abixia is my imaginary country led by our prime minister, Abix (a.k.a. my cat).
Abixia is a small country that takes up half of a small u-shaped island off of the coast of the continent of Boldracia. It is mostly populated by cats and horses. Northern Abixia can get very cold in the winter although that is where Abixia City, the capitol, is located. There is a God named At (pronounced “Aht”). He is a large white stallion. At lives in the Abixian capital building.
Abixia has no navy, but it has a good army and air force. The army has 798,000 private troops, 500 snipers, 200 howitzer gunners, 254 Stalker 3 tanks,1 2nd, and 1 leader. The air force has 21 planes, in 3 squadrons. Each squadron has 7 planes. Most pilots are aces, which means that they have shot down at least 10 enemy craft.
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