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Make an ad for a book, movie, or game. Make an ad for a local business or non-profit organization. Or, promote an upcoming event at School. Look at ads around you to get ideas, and then get creative!
Before you start | What to Include | Books, Movies, Games, etc. | Local Business | Local Non-Profit | Upcoming Events | Examples of Ads

top-button-blk-30.pngBefore you start

Get the information you need for your ad (see below) and be sure it is correct!
Your ad should fit on a quarter of a page, or across the bottom of a page (half or whole width). 'Paid' ads for local businesses may be different (see the form).
  • Tools you can use to design your ad: Comic Life, iWork Pages, Skitch, or any drawing or graphics program or web site.
  • Need help finding or creating images for your ad? Use our illustration ideas or search Google Images using the title of your book, game or movie; make a sketch and scan it, use a digital camera or ask someone to help you.

top-button-blk-30.pngWhat to Include

  • [ ] Title [ ] Illustration [ ] One Sentence Review [ ] Quote(s) [ ] # Stars/Thumbs up
  • For Books: [ ] Author [ ] Price [ ] Publisher [ ] Year
  • For Movies: [ ] Director [ ] Main Actor(s)
  • For Games: [ ] System(s) [ ] Number of Players
  • For Web Sites: [ ] URL (e.g. www.website.com)
  • For Businesses or Non-profits: [ ] Address [ ] Phone number [ ] Services or products

top-button-blk-30.pngBooks, Movies, Games, etc.

Pick a book, movie, web site, game, etc. (It cannot be rated Teen, Mature, R- or PG-13, etc.)
What can you show or say to make others want to read the book, see the movie, play the game, etc?

top-button-blk-30.pngLocal Business

Do you know a local business that might want to advertise in our paper? Use our advertising forms to invite them to put an ad in our paper. These are the only 'paid' ads we accept. The 'payment' is in the form of a donation to the school. The design of the ad is up to the business. They can give you a design or tell you what design they'd like, and you can design it for them.

top-button-blk-30.pngLocal Non-Profit

A non-profit is an organization that does good work for our community without making money in the process. You can create an ad to share or promote what a non-profit does. Example: the Humane Society.
Contact the organization to let them know you'd like to make an ad for them and ask if it's okay, and what they'd like included.
Design an ad that includes: [ ] the name of the organization [ ] what the organization does [ ] how to contact them (address, web site, phone number) [ ] how people can help

top-button-blk-30.pngUpcoming Events

Look at the school calendar and pick an upcoming event that will take place after our publication date.
Design an ad that includes [ ] the name of the event, [ ] the date, [ ] the location, [ ] any other information people need in order to attend, [ ] some way to get people excited about it, and [ ] an illustration!

top-button-blk-30.pngExamples of Ads

These pages include ads made by our students
  1. Ads