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Write a real or fictional advice column, like Dear Abby
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top-button-blk-30.pngAbout Advice Columns

  • An advice column has letters from readers who ask the writer for advice.
  • Sometimes an advice column has a theme, like health or friendship or homework.
  • Your advice column can be real or fictional - but if it is fictional (made up), then you must not write about real people.
  • When you give advice, you have a responsibility to respect people's feelings and not make fun of someone who might really need help!
  • Your advice can be funny, but it has to be respectful.

top-button-blk-30.pngHow to Write an Advice Column

  • Read an example of an advice column to get an idea of what they're like.
  • Choose a theme for your column - sports, health, homework, parents, etc.
  • Give your column a name.
  • Tell people you know about your column (including the theme) and ask them to write a letter to you (leave it in my box in the office).
  • Collect at least two letters from 'readers' and write a response to each.
  • Include a photo or logo to go with your column.
  • Include a by-line with your first name(s) and last initial(s), e.g. by George W.
  • Save your work to FEATURES

top-button-blk-30.pngFictional Advice Column

To write a fictional advice column, choose a favorite book or movie and imagine what problems the characters might want advice for. To publish your column, we need at least two letters from your fictional characters and at least two responses.


From Ocean News, May 2005:

Dear Mr. Kelp

By Velvet

Dear Mr. Kelp:
I’m having some problems with the people. They throw their garbage on my rocky shore. On top of that, they dump oil in my salt water! Help!
Spencer Pelican

Dear Mr. Pelican:
I think you should keep picking up the garbage, and hope that the human race will realize that your population is decreasing.
Mr. Kelp

From other editions: