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Book Review

Alfie All Alone

illustration by Simone L.

By Simone L., 3rd Grade

If you like dogs, you will love this book called Alfie All Alone. Alfie All Alone is about a girl named Evie whose mom is pregnet with a baby. Evie really wants a puppy and she finally gets one and names it Alfie. But when the baby arrives Evie pays way too much attention to the baby and they have no time to walk Evie’s puppy, feed and love on the puppy, and take him outside, so they decided to give her puppy away. But one day, Evie’s grandma goes to the pound and gets Evie’s puppy for herself! But Evie’s family does not know that Evie’s grandma got Alfie. So the next day Evie’s family go to her grandma’s house. But when they pull up in the drive way Evie hears a familiar bark, and it’s Alfie! So from that day on Alfie has a new home, with Evie’s grandma, and once and a while Evie goes to see Alfie.

Alfie All Alone is written by Holly Webb. My friend Isabel gave the book to me, and I loved reading it because in the middle it got kind of sad when she had to give Alfie away, but it had a good ending. I thought it was nice that she still got to see Alfie even though it wasn’t her dog anymore. I recommend you read this book when you’re starting to read chapter books, especially if you like dogs and happy endings!

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