Edison Student Publishers - April 2008


The Edison Light Bulb

April 2008

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UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Pages coming soon!
  • Ocean Week by Daisy P.
  • Editorial: Vote!! by Caden M.
  • Jog-a-thon by Daisy P.
  • Rocket Launching by John W.
  • Shelton McMurphy Johnson House by Sofia F.
  • Faroria (Fiction) by Ruby S-T.
  • The Art Center by John W.
  • Lemonade Recipes by Jasper G.
  • Hot Cross Buns by McKenzie SW.
  • Rock Candy by Maddie C.
  • Connect the Dots by _
  • A Mess in the Deep Ocean by Ho Jeong L.
  • Ocean Riddles by Maddie & Annie
  • A Fishy Puzzle by Adrienne B. &Tala S.
  • A Normal Day at the Farm by Adrienne B. &Tala S.
  • The Brick Brigade by Edwin F, with Sam G.
  • Star Wars Battle of Kessel, Pt 2 by Sam G.
  • Star Wars 950 Yrs Earlier, Pt 2 by Ho Jeong L.
  • Tamagotchi v5 by William B.
  • How NOT to Write a Thank you by Ho Jeong L. & David R.
  • Star Wars Comic by Brooks M.
  • Star Wars Comic by David R
  • Edison Comic by Sofia F.
  • Animal Comic by Sofia F
  • Shampoo Comic by Alex H.
  • African Dance & Drumming Comic by Sofia F.
  • A Day in the Life Comic by Alex H.

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