Edison Student Publishers - April 2011

The Edison Light Bulb

April 2011

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  • Egypt by Sarah P. and Julia T.
  • Superbowl by Pierce K. F.
  • Snowy Owls by Caitie
  • Brazil Comic by Mary C.
  • Brazil by Ava V.
  • Advice from a Squirrel by Isaac M. and Tor P.
  • Book Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events by Jackson N.
  • Smurfs by Sebastian M.
  • Cats and Dogs by Mallory L. and Chloe J.
  • X-Men by Clio T.
  • Games by Riley B.

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In our after school (and summer!) publishing program, students explore positive and powerful ways to share their interests, skills and opinions, creatively and respectfully, through drafting, collaboration, conferencing and revising. Opinions expressed are those of each author and do not necessarily reflect those of the publishing program or Edison School. We invite your feedback.

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