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By Austin G., 5th Grade
bearichmap.jpgBearichkeyaren (bear-rick-ee-YAR-en) is the northern most continent on planet Rorkak (ROAR-kack). the main creatures on the planet are bears, otters, squirrels, lizards, mountain lions and cats. The most powerful country on Bearichkeyaren is Warkak (rhymes with Rorkak), where most all the mountain warrior clans are from. These bear clans are from the Whoprok mountains. These clans have most of the warriors in Warkak. Here are some of the names of the clans: Whoprok, Bearichkyte, Torrok, and Wharatok. They are fierce warriors that know no fear. Their mortal enemies are the Rats. The Bears have been fighting the Rats for generations. Now a new enemy has come – the Mountain Lions. The Bears are now locked in many battles with the Mountain Lions and the Rats. Their high clan war chief Kouben (Ko-ben) has lead them to victory in many great battles. The thing about the bears is that they don’t have technology. They have instead, iron and silver weapons and they don’t have video games like earthlings do, so their brains are not rotten.
bearflag.jpgBearichkeyaren has many different lakes. All of the lakes are like Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada: cold, clear, with granite lining their walls. Their main river is the Bearichkyte River flowing down from lake Wharatark. All the otters and squirrels live in the forests and by the Bearichkyte river banks, but this story focuses on the Bears and the Rats.
The Bears eat caribou, elk, salmon, sourdough bread, cider, bacon, sausage, blackberries, strawberries, bearichk toast (like french toast, but with honey), apple pies, and if I had more time I would tell you the rest. Even though they eat a LOT, they exercise a lot and are not even close to being obese. They are really healthy. Their main sport during the summer and winter is bearichk capture the flag. It is really fun and it is not like normal capture the flag. They battle each other wearing armor and they use axes and swords. The main rule is no maiming and no killing.
The story of how the Rats and the Bears became mortal enemies is too long for me to even tell you...but I will tell it anyways. The Rats and The Bears barely even knew each other in the beginning of time. They were not friends and they were not exactly enemies. In those days, the Bears were just peaceful valley farmers. The Rats wanted to conquer other lands (which is just like The Rats). They decided to take The Bears’ land. The Rats then drove The Bears out of the valleys and The Bears fled to the mountains. While The Rats were getting fat and lazy down in the valleys, The Bears were getting strong and fit for battle up in the mountains. They figured out how to make axes, cutlasses, spears and whole arsenals of weapons. Then when they were ready, a bear named Karttag (KAR-tag) led the Bears’ armies with his mighty double-headed battle axe called Tarkag (TAR-kag), which means flame of the north. He then led The Bears in a great assault on The Rats and then took back their rightful land. Ever since, The Rats and The Bears have been enemies.
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