Edison Student Publishers - Behavior

Clarifying Behavioral Expectations

I fully expect students who've gotten a spot in our program to:
  • sign in as soon as you arrive
  • use your free time (until 1:15) to get started on a project, socialize quietly, or explore new tools or web sites
  • listen and participate during our team meetings (at 1:15)
  • spend your remaining time focused on publishing projects
  • avoid violent or inappropriate content in the materials you use or create
  • be respectful to peers and adults alike
  • help one another when asked
  • take responsibility for materials and clean up
  • ask permission before leaving the publishing area for any reason
  • sign out and say goodbye before leaving

Work Time, Breaks, Snacks and Free Time

  • Web-based games (non-violent content only) are only permitted during 'free time,' which is until 1:15.
  • You are welcome to work on publishing projects at home. However, homework and helping your family always come first!

With 16 kids doing 16 or more different activities at the same time, things can get a bit 'chaotic.' Happily, so far we've not had issues with challenging or inappropriate behavior. Rather, occasionally kids who are content with completing one project or taking a break will drift comfortably into socializing or web-based games, while my volunteers and I meet with a long line up of students who want help solving technical problems or taking their projects to the next level. The gaming or socializing can distract others and does not seem fair to students on our waiting list. Instead, I expect students who've finished a project or are waiting for help to (a) start a new project, (b) help another student (c) work on our layout, or explore a new tool. The kids have been great about helping one another, and we encourage them to do that.

To balance kids' need to relax with the need to stay productive, I will now start each class with 'free time' until 1:15, and we'll continue to offer a healthy snack halfway through. After checking in, students may use the 'free time' to quietly socialize, play web-based games (without violent content), explore new tools, or simply 'get to work.' At 1:15, we'll have a brief team meeting for planning or to demonstrate new tools or strategies, and then we'll set the kids free to work on their projects. After 1:15, I will not permit web-based games, even for purposes of reviewing a game or taking screen shots for comics, etc.

By the way, many kids are eager to work on their projects at home as well as during publishing hours. This is fine with me, but I also let them know that homework and helping out their families always come first. If a student wants to bring work to or from publishing, we can send files by email, post them to a web space and/or send them back and forth with USB thumb drives