Edison Student Publishers - Cats!
By Isabel S., 3rd Grade

cat-art.jpg dog-art.jpgCats make great house pets. There are so many types of cats. Here are some types of cats:
American short hair, Burmies, Ragdoll, Simalayan, Hairles, Siamiese, Pearsian, Teacup and American Bluepoint.
You need to prepare for your cat before she comes. That means that you have to get her litter box, her food dish, her toys and especially her scratching post.
If you don’t get a scratching post, they will never learn to not scratch your furniture. So make sure you get a scratching post for your cat.
When your cat gets to its new home I recommend to show it one room at a time. If you have another pet, do not leave them alone until they’ve lived together for at least a month, especially if you have a dog or any animal that is not a cat.
dogphoto1.jpgcatphoto3.jpg When your kitten gets to her new home you shouldn’t come to her, just let her come to you. Let her explore her new home without help.
If she bites you, just take away your hand or she will not learn.
Before you get a cat you need to make sure you want a cat. Be sure your kitten has a good home!

Photos and illustrations by Isabel S., Simone L. and Gillian B.