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charlietheturtle.jpgThe Adventures of

Charlie the Turtle

The Turtle Who Can Sprint

By Dani W., 5th Grade
Charlie ran as fast as he could. Sweat poured down down his face. (I know turtles don’t sweat, but they don’t sprint, either, do they?) Finally, he came home.
“I’m HOME!” he yelled.
“Hoooow diiid youuu geeeet hoooome sooooo quiiiiicklyyy? His sister said slooooowly.
“I ran.” He said simply. He stuffed his gecko up his nose.
“Whaaaaaat diiiiid mooooom teeeeell youuuu aboooouuut ruuuunnnniing?” she said even sloooooower. “Goooooo taaaalk tooooooo theeeeee maaayooor.”
So he mindlessly crossed the street, strolled up the sidewalk, and rode the cow that jumped over the moon.
Finally, he arrived at Sloooooooooooooooowville town hall. Everyone was giving him nervous glances as he speed-walked inside. Finally, he reached the mayor’s office.
“Heeeeeeeellooooo Chaaaaaaaarlieeeee.” Mayor McSosloooooooowyouwontbelieveit said. (Most turtles call him Mayor McSoslow for short.) “Whaaaaaaaaaaaat haaaaaave youuuu dooooone thiiiiiiiiiis tiiiiiiiiiiime?”
“I ran.” Charlie said simply.
Mayor McSoslow fainted.
Charlie ran, and ran, and ran. It wasn’t that hard to lose the Sloooooooooooooooooowville police. (You can imagine why.) Then he realized something: his gecko was still up his nose! For those of you with short memories, Charlie stuffed a gecko up his nose at the beginning of the story. He tried pulled his gecko out of his nose. He struggled and struggled, but the gecko would not come out! As he tugged on the gecko, he staggered deeper into the SCAAAARY FOOOOOREST!
When he finally got the gecko out of his nose, he realized HE WAS LOST!
“Well, Greg,* I guess we’ll have to live in the forest.” Charlie said to the gecko.
Greg looked at him, shook the snot off, and ran.
“Wait!” Charlie yelled, chasing Greg.
They ran, and ran, and ran, and ran.. and ran.........and ran.................. until a little dot appeared in the distance. As they ran, and ran, and ran...and ran....... and ran................... until they realized it was no longer a dot, but a town.
There were a whole lot of bunnies running around.
“Greg!” Charlie said. “They’re running around! Running around! Running around”
Then, he saw a sign near the entrance.


Bunnies Welcome!

There was a bunny standing under the sign.
“Hi!” the bunny said. “My name is Vlad.”

To be continued .....in The True Story of the Tortoise and the Hare........


Greg is the gecko - you’ll read more about him in Brennan’s story
You might remember Fluffville from the story “Vlad the Bunny” in the Spring 2009 issue of the Light Bulb

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