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The Edison Light Bulb • Fall 2008 • Creative Writing

How to Write Great Notes

By Yunis L., 4th grade
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950 yrs before Star Wars Episode 1, Part 4

By Ho Jeong L., 5th grade

Tom and Jack were busy buying groceries for their families. Tom’s eldest son, Tron, was a Jedi Knight now. Tom’s second son, Gecko, was just a padawan. Tom’s last son was named Tommy Tommy Hip (T.T.H.) and was only 4 years old. Jack’s sons was named Leaf, Harry, Lamb, Tommy, Hip, and Jack Jr.
When they got home, Jack Jr. had already been eaten by the human-eating humans.
“ Jack, are you a chicken?” Tom asked while touching his stomach.
“ Tom, Jack junior was eaten by the human-eating-humans. It could be Booger-hulks, too.”
“ I heard that there is a chicken mixed up with a Booger-hulk. They were called, Chick-hulks? No. Booger-chicken? No. Oh right, fried chicken!”
“No, we’re not going to the chicken shop! We are trying to save JACK Jr.! Tom, Tron, Gecko, Leaf, Harry, Lamb, Tommy, and Hip, We’re going to save your little brother!”
*Earlier episodes coming soon!

Star Wars Episode 7

By Ho Jeong L., 5th grade

Years passed after the battle of Endor. The Cloud City got bigger, and Luke got 7,000 more Jedis. But among them, there were the evil ones, the ones who called themselves the Dark Jedis. They got to learn about Darth Vader through Luke Skywalker, or Han and/or Leia Solo. The Dark Jedis wore a mask that shaped like Palpatine, or a more advanced version of Darth Vader’s mask. It was always a problem that all the guards at the councils were asleep.
“Guys, guys, guys, guys. Guys!!!” Jacen Solo, Luke Skywalker’s nephew, said to the guards. Jacen forced them up.
“Habudee, Habudee ha!” Jacen heard the guards wake up. He ran back. Although the guards weren’t running after him, Jacen was running, not realizing that the guards weren’t following him. Meanwhile, Luke was walking to the council meeting. His wife, Mara Jade was coming also. He was excited to meet the new Jedis.
“Oomph!” Jacen crashed into Luke’s stomach. “ Well, that was... Habudee, Habudee Ha! Uncle! Help!” A bunch of kids came with holographic lightsabers. Luke forced them and made them fall.
“Habudee, Habudee Ha! ” Luke looked down to his goofy nephew.
“You know, you’ve got to stop saying that. Jacen.” Luke said.
“Then, Hoobudee, Hoobudee Hoo!” Jacen said.
Luke saw Han. He looked at his future. He saw a man whipping an object. “Indy!” Luke heard. “ Ahhhhh!” Luke cried.
“What’s wrong with him?” Han said.
12 years passed, Luke was the council master. Han said he retired from his hero work, although Jacen didn’t hear anything about his father being a hero. “You’re not a hero, Dad. You’re more of a fearo than a hero.” Jacen said. Han was a little upset. So he said, “ Stop! Jedis never, ever brag. Oh wait, you’re the fedis, federal army for fearos.”
Jacen was prepared for the battle between Siths and the Jedis. He jumped up in the air and turned 2 times in the air and then... crashed.
“Owwwweeeee!” Jacen cried out loud. Good thing that there weren’t any Siths around... At least not yet. He plunged into the battle, slicing some of the Siths’ lightsabers. He then saw the Sith Lady. He jumped up and then fought the Sith Lady. She was too strong. A Jedi knight can’t defeat a Sith Lady alone, he realized. He bowed down to her and decided it’s better to be a Sith than a Jedi. He then started attacking the Jedis. Then, a red light flashed, and he fell.