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The Edison Light Bulb

June 2011

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In this edition:
  • Vicki by Natalie H. & Avery M., p. 1
  • Jog-a-thon by Lane M & Kate V., p. 2
  • Ocean by Mary C., p. 3
  • Opinion Survey by Emma I., p. 4
  • Scariest Thing by Roscoe K., p. 4
  • Chinese New Year by Cathy L., p. 5
  • Civil War by Sebastian M., p. 6
  • Frauds by Pierce F., p. 7
  • Muppets by Declan H., p. 8
  • Advice from a Squirrel by Tor P., p. 9
  • Wolves by Clio T & Caitie C., p. 10
  • Bat Rays by Julia T., p. 11
  • Rabbits by Evelyn M & Maya K., p. 12
  • Dragons by Katie W., p. 12
  • Rafflesia by Sophia B., p. 13
  • ComiCrazy by Connor D., Donovan R., Emma I. & John A., p. 14
  • Lego Star Wars by Donovan R., p. 15
  • Comic by Brennan C., p. 15
  • How to Flip by Alex K. 15

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Eugene, Oregon, USA
In our after school (and summer!) publishing program, students explore positive and powerful ways to share their interests, skills and opinions, creatively and respectfully, through drafting, collaboration, conferencing and revising. Opinions expressed are those of each author and do not necessarily reflect those of the publishing program or Edison School. We invite your feedback.

To learn more or sign up for our program, please visit our Parent page.

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