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top-button-blk-30.pngWhat is an Editorial?

An editorial is a form of persuasive writing – you want to try to persuade your readers to see an issue from your point of view. It's an article in which you state opinions or give a perspective on a topic in a respectful way, and give facts and reasons to support your opinion. You might also try to predict what those opposed to your view would say and provide counter-arguments for those points of view.

In our paper, we always label persuasive writing and opinion pieces as editorials, and we invite readers to respond with their opinion.

top-button-blk-30.pngOur Editorial Policy

In each edition of our paper, we state the following:

In our after school program, students explore positive and powerful ways to share their interests, skills and opinions, creatively and respectfully, through drafting, collaboration, conferencing and revising. Opinions expressed are those of each author and do not necessarily reflect those of the publishing program or Edison School. We invite your feedback.

top-button-blk-30.pngWhat to Include

Editorials are usually about a current news story, event or issue.

Your Headline:
Your By-line:
Your Topic:
Your Opinion:
Facts to Back Your Opinion:
Optional: Include a photo or illustration.

top-button-blk-30.pngGetting Started

It may help to take notes on your topic before you write your editorial in paragraph form. Here are some ways you can organize your thoughts:

In Favor




Arguments in favor:
Supporting evidence:

Arguments against: (what people who disagree with you might say)
Your counter-arguments:
Supporting evidence:


Here are some editorials published in previous editions: