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The Bakery Trip

By Brennan A.
At the bakery our group picked out some cookies, bread and scones. We took a tour of the bakery – it was cool. Then everybody started hanging out outside.

Bakery Interview

Interview with Deeann Hall, Owner of Eugene City Bakery
By Gillian B. and Isabel S.
bakeryinterview.jpgQ: Do you have to wake up early?
A: Bakers start at 10 p.m. and work until 6 am.
Q: Is it really hot in the bakery?
A: It is very hot.
Q: What do you bake?
A: I bake cookies, pies, cakes, and other pastries.
Q: Do you use any special tools when you bake?
A: We use giant mixers, a dough sheeter, a very, very big oven, a proofer, and a walk-in-refrigerator. The giant oven came from Germany.
What it was like to do the interview:
The interview with Deeann Hall was very fun because we got to take a tour of the bakery and take notes about the bakery. Deeann Hall was really nice and she was very easy to do an interview with. The bakery has huge mixers and a huge refrigerator, and the food was awesomely delicious.

bakerypics.jpgBakery Word Search

By Youha T., 2nd Gradebigcookies.jpg
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Bakery Taste Test

By Dani W., 5th Grade
surveycookies.jpgEveryone in publishing walked to the Eugene City Bakery to taste the delicious, sugary, chewy, tasty.....wait, I’m getting off topic. We tried 4 different kinds of cookies (molasses, peanut butter, oatmeal chocolate chip, and oatmeal raisin) and rated them from 1 to 3 (3 being awesome, 1 being horrible). The chart shows the average scores. Oatmeal chocolate chip was the favorite, and molasses a close second.

Then we tried the breads. Polenta was the favorite:


As the final part of our taste testing of the bakery, we tried three different pastries: almond croissant, chocolate croissant, and a marionberry scone. We started out using the same rating system as before, but the chocolate croissant was so good we had to add a fourth rating!

Bakery Quotes

“The cookies were all really good!” ~Seth
“The chocolate chip is a tiny bit better than my mom’s.” ~Youha
“The chocolate chip cookie broke the scale, it was worth 1,000.” ~Dani
“On a scale of 1 to 3 I’d say all of the cookies were 1,000!” ~Tor
“I really liked the marionberry scone and the chocolate croissant.” ~Gillian
“Choclate Croissants are awesome!” ~Isabel
“Eugene City Bakery is the best, and two of my favorite pastries are chocolate croissants and marionberry scones!” ~Simone
“It was obvious that the chocolate croissant was the best because we had to add a higher rating.” ~Dani
“The chocolate croissant was the best and the marionberry scone was great. The whole thing was awesome!” ~Austin
“I think the marionberry scone gets a 5.” ~Brennan A.
“The pain au chocoat should get a 5.” ~Seth

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All work by Brennan A.

All work by Dani W.

All work by Gillian B.

All work by Isabel S.